EDITABLE files are designed so that you can easily edit and personalise the text areas using Acrobat Reader on your own computer – you may already have it or you can download it for free www.get.adobe.com/reader

Click here to download the PDF instructions which also includes a sample page with editable fields.

Note: You will not able to edit the file on an iPad, iPhone or any other handheld device. You will need to download/save this file to test out the sample page with editable fields, as editing the pdf within the web browser will convert the embedded font to a web font.

Step 1
Select your invitation or birth print and add to cart. When the payment and order is complete you will receive an email with a link to download the files (editable pdf file and instructions). Save them to your computer.

Step 2
Open Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat on your computer and open the editable file.

Note: Fonts are embedded so they don’t need to be installed.

DIY lion-grey-computer

Step 3
Click in the editable text field (blue area) and replace the sample text with your own text, to fit in the allocated area.

Step 4
There are some options to edit the font, font size, and text colour if required. Open the Form Field Text Properties – press CTRL E (Windows) or CMD E (Mac) and the options/toolbar will display (see image below).

DIY editable fields

Step 5
Save your file (as a PDF). Please make sure you proof-read it or have someone else review it. I would always recommend a single test print before printing out multiple.

Print the invitation

For the best results I would recommend you print on good quality white paper, at least 150gsm, with high quality setting so the colours print out well.

Alternatively you can take it to your local print shop (like Officeworks) or use a reputable online printer (Vistaprint) and they will print out beautifully.

If there are crop marks, you will need to trim the excess paper off, with scissors, blade or paper trimmer. Paper trimmers are very handy if you have a lot to trim.

Please note
Colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings, colour settings, paper stock and printer. The final quality of the artwork will depend on the quality of paper and your printer.

Email the invitation

You can send the saved PDF via email or in a text message. If it has crop marks it would look better if you remove them. You can take a screenshot or use the snipping tool (Windows) to save a JPEG and then send it via email, send as a text message or post it on social media.

DIY Baby-Shower-bw

If you have any problems with the file, please contact me and I will help you out as quickly as I can.

Due to the nature of digital items I cannot accept returns. These files are for personal use only. You may print as many times as you like for your own use but please do not distribute in any way. If you are interested in commercial use, please contact me.