Thinking of eloping? (6 reasons why it’s okay)

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If the thought of planning a wedding, choosing chair covers, arranging seating, and planning speeches, is not your idea of fun, then eloping might be the perfect way for you and your partner to get married in a more intimate and meaningful way.

elope /ɪˈləʊp/, verb
eloped, eloping, elopement

  • To run away secretly for the purpose of getting married with one’s intended spouse; to marry in a quick or private fashion, especially without a public period of engagement.
  • To run off secretly to be married, usually without the consent or knowledge of one’s parents.
  • To run away with a lover.

Eloping has come a long way from the cliche option of getting married in the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas (not that there is anything wrong with that and plenty of people still do it!)

Go somewhere fabulous! – think beach, park, garden, winery, rainforest or somewhere that has special meaning.

There are lots of fantastic destinations to choose from and many venues will be happy to make it easy for you. Depending on where you want to elope, there are lots of unique elopement packages available which include the venue, celebrant and photography.

Advantages of eloping

  1. More affordable
  2. Reduce decision making and stress
  3. Avoid family drama and religious issues
  4. Focus on each other
  5. Choose a stunning location
  6. Do it your way

One of the main advantages is being able to marry your lover the way you want, no pressure from family, no expectations to conform, the freedom to make the choices you want, no matter how simple or wacky.

Being a mum myself, I think you should let your parents know in advance, so they won’t be too upset (or you could just invite them)! Prepare yourself for the possible disappointment of family and close friends.

Send a post-marriage announcement or have a party when you get back, and share your photos. This should help soften the blow to anyone that is disappointed at not being involved. Believe it or not some might actually be relieved!

Eloping is way easier than a traditional wedding but there are still some plans that need to be made

  • Check the legal requirements – you may need a license and witnesses
  • Choose the location – where and when (search online for elopement packages)
  • Book your travel
  • Plan your ceremony – clothes, rings, vows, flowers
  • Have a mini celebration – lunch, picnic, cocktails, bungee jump, whatever works for you!
  • Send an announcement

Good luck with getting married in the way you want, without the stress and worry of all the traditional details. I think most of your friends and family will think it is wonderful and will possibly be envious!

However, if your dream is to have a big wedding with lots of guests, a fairytale dress and fancy table settings then go for it!

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